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Is Delta-8 THC Legal in Vermont? Delta 8 Legality by State 2023

At one point, all sorts of hemp products were legal in Vermont due to the state’s moderate legislation for cannabis. However, as of recently, Vermont has defined its position on hemp-based Delta-8-THC products. In Vermont, Delta-8 THC is currently legally a synthetic cannabis product. This statement makes it such that Delta-8 items are illegal in this state. Let’s find out more on if delta-8 THC is legal in Vermont.


Learn about the Vermont Delta-8 statutes right here!


Is Delta-8 THC Legal In Vermont?

No, delta-8 THC is not legal in Vermont.

Though marijuana is legal in this Green Mountain State for recreational purposes, Delta-8 is not. Hemp is a regulated part of agriculture in Vermont, and the plant, along with all of its imitative, including Cannabidiol, is lawful there. In determining what constitutes a “hemp product,” Vermont follows a standard that is consistent with that established by federal law.


Vermont law says that as long as any portion of the hemp plant together with the seeds, derivatives, cannabinoids, extracts, isomers, salts, and acids containing Delta-9 in lower amounts than the federally defined level (less than 3%) are all considered hemp. 


Under the revised Vermont Hemp Final Rule, Title 6- Agriculture; Chapter-34; Definition- 4201, hemp and all its by-products are no longer considered marijuana, which is decriminalized as the state’s Controlled Substance. The changes made it seem like Delta-8 was now legal here, but the authorities in charge of hemp have subsequently stressed that this is not the case.

Legality in 2023

According to the State of Vermont Agency & Agriculture Food and Markets, in May 2020, § 6.3 Hemp Rules of Vermont endorsed and outlawed the manufacturing of hemp and hemp by-products using hemp extracts that include the usage of synthetic cannabinoids. Although hemp and hemp by-products containing delta-8 in their natural form are legal in Vermont, manufacturers in the state may not create synthetic forms of this cannabinoid.


As the Vermont Hemp Rules clearly outlawed the inclusion of synthetic cannabinoids in the production of hemp-derived products, the manufacturers or labelers of Delta-8-containing products are in violation of laws and risk regulations by the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets of Vermont. Moreover, hemp-obtained Delta-8 may be considered a controlled drug under state or federal law. Consequently, anybody possessing, distributing, or using Delta-8 commodities will face state criminal enforcement actions. 


So, this hemp policy has been going the same since April 2021. It is illegal for Hemp Program licensees in Vermont to produce or label any commodity that contains Delta-8. 


As a result, neither any online shop nor physical store sells Delta-8 products. However, a piece of legislation, H.548, is recently making inroads through Vermont law. The bill, if it passes, would cover Delta-8 from hemp. The Cannabis Control Board would be responsible for the regulatory oversight of Delta-8 infused products if the proposal is approved.

Final Thoughts on Delta-8 THC in Vermont

Anyway, at the moment, hemp product lines are only subject to a minimal level of regulation. Several close-by states allow Delta-8, such as New York, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. As a result, although Delta-8 items can be available locally, their quality might not meet your standards.


For premium quality and authentic Delta-8 products, you can trust Grassroots Harvest. We ship products all over the United States, except unfortunately not to locations where it is illegal. 

Got questions? Let us know in the comments!

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