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CBD and ADHD: What Do We Know?

There’s a lot of buzz around CBD, and what benefits taking CBD may or may not have. People are trying CBD for all kinds of things, and more research is coming out all the time about what CBD can do.

One of the most well-researched uses for CBD is seizures & epilepsy. Several studies have shown success when adding CBD to the regimen of people suffering from intractable (untreatable) seizures, and the FDA even approved a prescription version of CBD called Epidiolex, specifically for epilepsy.

But what about areas where there’s less research?


While there aren’t a lot of studies yet about CBD and ADHD, the research that does exist looks promising- a randomised-controlled trial published in 2017 didn’t find conclusive proof that CBD could be of benefit for ADHD but did find preliminary evidence supporting that claim.

People are taking matters into their own hands, and exploring the possibilities CBD might offer for ADHD, even though the potential benefits are based on speculation and hearsay- and some of them are seeing results.

Just recently, YouTube vlogger haileyscomment released a video reviewing our CBD tincture and CBD cartridge for her ADHD! Let’s just say, we were amazed by the results.

What She Noticed

In her review, Hailey says she wasn’t expecting CBD to affect her ADHD- so when it did, it came as a very welcome surprise.

First, Hailey tried our 500mg CBD Oil.

The first 10-15 minutes, Hailey says the CBD actually made it harder to focus- but those results didn’t last long, and weren’t too intense to make it not worth it.

Then, Hailey experienced relief in a number of different ways: she notes her ability to keep emotions in check was much improved, as well as overall reduced anxiety and racing thoughts. For people with ADHD, emotional balance and anxiety relief can be hard to come by. And, Hailey pointed out that the effects lasted a while- taking it twice a day worked well for her.

Then, Hailey unboxed our CBD Cartridge and tried it out on the spot. This time, she noticed positive results immediately, saying that right away her head felt clear and free from racing thoughts. Once again, the results last a good while and don’t fade away quickly.

Don’t Jump To Conclusions

Of course, a testimonial like this one is a great look into someone’s experience with CBD- but it isn’t proof of anything. Until more definitive studies are published, we don’t know for sure how widely CBD could be effective for those with ADHD.


If you’re dealing with symptoms of ADHD, it might be worth a shot to give CBD a try. People, like Hailey, are reporting some really great results. And since CBD is all-natural, the side-effects tend to be minimal. When the risks are small and the rewards potentially large, why not give it a shot?

Of course, CBD may have different effects on different people. We are making no claims as to the efficacy of our CBD for ADHD. 


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