HoneyRoot Knock Out Blend Disposable Vape (2 gram)


The newest & perhaps most powerful product from HoneyRoot is here- Knock Out Blend Disposable Vapes.

These powerful pre-filled disposable vapes contain a secret blend of Delta-8 THC, THCJD, THC-H & THC-P Live Resin. This is a killer combo that’s sure to deliver quite a punch, as the name would suggest.

Each Knock Out Disposable holds 2 grams of distillate. These hit hard, so we suggest waiting at least 5 minutes between each puff to make sure you’re feeling the full effects and to gauge tolerance.

Seven Flavors Available:

Girl Scout Cookies

Pineapple Express

Unicorn Piss

Mango Kush


Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Cantaloupe Haze

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The New Knock Out Blend Disposable Vapes from HoneyRoot are here!

With 2 grams of distillate per disposable vape, these pre-filled wonders will pack a punch. They’re the strongest disposables ever made by HoneyRoot, and we’ll tell you why. It’s the intense blend of cannabis compounds inside that gives these disposables their heavy hitting powers.

Delta-8 THC, THCJD, THC-H and THC-P Live Rosin combine to create these potent disposables. And we have SEVEN flavors available! Which will you pick?


Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid): Scout’s Honor – A delightful blend of earthy and sweet, just like the classic cookies that inspired its name.

Pineapple Express (Sativa): Tropical Ride – Get ready for a journey of tropical fruitiness and uplifting energy.

Unicorn Piss (Indica): Mystical Bliss – A tranquil experience with a hint of magic, perfect for relaxation and tranquility.

Mango Kush (Hybrid): Mango Magic – A fruity fusion of mango and herbal goodness for a harmonious experience.

Slurricane (Indica): Calm Storm – A soothing, indica-heavy blend that’ll ease you into relaxation like a gentle rain.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Hybrid): Sweet Surprise – Dive into layers of pineapple and cake flavors for a delectable experience.

Cantaloupe Haze (Sativa): Fresh & Fruity – The refreshing taste of ripe cantaloupe combined with the uplifting energy of sativa.

Information about HoneyRoot Knock Out Blend Disposables

  • USA Grown Hemp is used to derive the cannabinoids in these vapes
  • 2 gram Disposable
  • Blend of Delta-8, THCJD, THCH & THC-P Live Resin
  • USB-C Rechargeable (does not come with charger)


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