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Is Delta-8 THC Legal in Iowa? Delta 8 Legality by State 2023

Recently, a lot of buzz is circling about the availability of hemp-based consumable products in Iowa. The most frequent question among them is the legality of Delta-8 THC in Iowa. Let’s go into the question- is delta-8 legal in Iowa?


At present, Delta-8 THC is not legal in Iowa. Though no specific constitution mentions this psychoactive substance’s exact name or atomic structure, legislators have explained it as illegal. 

Delta-8 THC is ILLEGAL in Iowa.


The Laws Regarding Delta-8 THC in Iowa


Iowa doesn’t follow the same laws as its neighboring States, Illinois and South Dakota. Iowa has one of the strictest setups for cannabis in the US.

CBD in Iowa

CBD is the only cannabinoid that’s legal, and even then it can be hard to get in Iowa. Apparently, raids have occurred in some shops selling CBD in Iowa that did not have permission to do so, it seems likely this would happen with delta-8 as well.


So, it appears that the state law of Iowa prohibits the use of Delta-8 THC. Though in 2020, consumable or edible hemp products were allowed, that doesn’t mean that the same legislation goes for Delta-8 THC, a hemp-derived substance. 


Iowa and Delta-8 THC in the Future 


A proposal named the Hemp Advancement Act has just been submitted to Congress. The primary motive of this proposed bill is to redefine the limit that includes Delta-8 and other Isomers of THC, which indeed make Delta-8 products obtained from Hemp illegal. 


For the time being, State legislation regarding delta-8 THC is constantly evolving. A possible consequence is that in some states, Delta-8 THC could likely be available in a manner similar to recreational cannabis. If this happens, Delta-8 items will be available only from trustworthy firms after going through accurate testing, proper labeling, and other relevant required regulations. 

Let’s hope that the future of Delta-8 THC in Iowa will improve shortly.

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