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CBD Gummies and Treats For Easter

It can feel like holidays are all about the kiddos, but we think us grown-ups should be able to join in on the fun, too! This Easter, treat yourself to some adults-only candy! We’ve got four options of CBD gummies, so there’s sure to be one that fills your craving for sweets, while still providing all the wellness benefits of CBD! CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of hemp or marijuana plants, so it won’t get you stoned, no matter how much you eat. Instead, CBD is known for providing feelings of relaxation, relieving stress, and even reducing pain!

These gummies do not go in your kids’ easter baskets, they’re for you!

Each pack of CBD Gummies has a total of 150mg CBD- 10 gummies per pack, 15mg CBD per gummy!

CBD Gummy Options:

CBD Rings- These peach rings are super sweet and super packed with CBD! The classic fruity peach flavor is still just as satisfying now as it was years ago.

CBD Worms- You know you love sour gummy worms, but we bet you’ll love ‘em even more when they’re CBD infused!

CBD Slices- CBD. Watermelon. Slices. Need we say more?

CBD Neon Bears- The ultimate candy throwback: gummy bears! These gummy bears are neon bright, and just right. 

Not a fan of gummies?

Weird, but we get it! There’s a  CBD treat out there for you, too! Our CBD honeys are made with raw, Central Texas Wildflower honey, and flavored with naturally-occurring terpenes for a finished product that’s all-natural. We use three different terpene profiles to create our three kinds of CBD honey:

Soothe CBD Honey with Granddaddy Purple- This calming blend uses Granddaddy Purple terpenes to help you chill out & find inner peace.

Harmony CBD Honey with Sour Diesel- This uplifting blend uses Sour Diesel terpenes to help you find some good vibes & enjoy the day.

Inspire CBD Honey with White Widow- This motivating blend uses White Widow terpenes to help open your mind & spark creativity. 

This Easter, humor your inner child with CBD infused goodies, for a treat yo’ self moment that’ll leave you feeling revitalized & refreshed!


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