Is The Hemp For Your Product Regularly Tested?

We regularly submit our products for third-party lab testing, in order to ensure quality, purity, and consistency. Third-party lab tests are the current industry standard for companies to show they’re reputable. Because there are no regulations set up for the CBD industry, third-party lab tests are one of the only ways to have an unbiased look at what is in a CBD company’s products. 

If you’re interested in purchasing CBD online, it’s definitely worthwhile to find a business that displays third-party lab testing- it’s the best way to know the company you’re doing business with is trustworthy and the product you’re purchasing is what it claims to be. 

Grassroots Harvest CBD products are made with organic industrial hemp and/or CBD isolate. The farms we source from are 100% compliant, and all of our products meet the Federal Legal Limit of 0.3% THC. In fact, our products regularly test at 0.19% THC, well below the Legal Limit.

You can find our most recent lab tests on the ‘Our Lab Results’ page.