Hemp Oil Mod

Hemp Oil Mod


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This Hemp Oil Mod is designed to pack a powerful punch into a small body! Made to work with our pre-filled CBD Cartridges, but will work with most vape cartridges.

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Details- Hemp Oil Mod with 3 voltage options and preheat setting. Comes with micro-USB charger. 510 threading plus adapter for cartridges.

Instructions- Slide cartridge into mod opening. If cartridge doesn’t click in, screw the small gold adapter to the cartridge and re-insert. Cartridge should snap into place either with or without gold adapter. Once cartridge is in place, power on/off, 5 clicks. Press and hold button while inhaling to vape. To change between the 3 voltage options, 3 clicks (blue [soft], green [medium], red [hard]). To use the preheat option, 2 clicks, and then wait for the battery light to cycle from red to the other colors. Store at room temperature when not in use. To charge, insert micro-USB into the port on the mod. Insert into a USB charging port.

Information- This Hemp Oil Mod is a battery made for use with 510 threading cartridges.

Disclaimer- This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any diseases, nor are any products designed for use with this product.
Please consult a physician before using this product.

1 review for Hemp Oil Mod

  1. Corio

    Mine stopped working after literally 2 days I plugged it in thought it wasn’t charged but charged it for a whole day now every time I try to take a draw the 3 white lights come on .

    • admin

      Hi Corio, I’m sorry to hear your mod isn’t working properly. If you could please send your info (Mailing address, previous order # if you purchased online) to info@grassrootsharvest.com, our team will work on getting you a replacement if the issue cannot be solved. Thank you!

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